Clear vision = Accelerated generosity

I talk about generosity everyday.  I talk to church leaders everyday.  I answer the question “How can we increase giving in our church?” almost everyday in some form or another.

I am learning to answer that question with a statement and a question.  “People give to life change.  Is your church’s vision statement facilitating life change?”

Working with churches over the past 12 years has taught me a great deal about how a church’s vision is connected to financial giving.  Here are 3:

  1. People give to a clear, compelling and communicated vision.
  2. Giving mirrors the way your church is achieving its’ vision.
  3. People do not have a giving problem; they have a giving to your church problem.

Here are three ways you and your church can cast or re-cast the vision to the people of your church before school gets out.

  1. In worship tell the history of your vision statement (remember a vision statement is different than a mission statement).  How did it come about?  When was it created?  Who was a part of the team that created it?  Why did the leadership feel it was time to create a new vision statement at that time?  Doing this through video will allow you to have more information communicated in a shorter period of time.
  2. Write it down!  Write the vision statement on as many things as possible and promote it for four weeks.  Posters on doors and the back of bathroom stalls, in the bulletin, on the website (you should also post the video you used in worship on the website), on the church sign by the street, on a banner placed in the church yard, in the children’s discipleship materials, from the stage during youth worship (the senior pastor should do this), and anywhere else you can communicate.  WARNING: Only do this step if you plan to consistently connect the vision statement to everything that the church does from this day forward.  If you are not willing to continually communicate the vision after going through this intense awareness campaign, you will eventually lose credibility among your people.  Be careful.
  3. In public (whatever that looks like to your church) celebrate a life change moment from your church which easily and directly reflects the vision statement of the church in action.  Tell the back story, include all of the involved people, and if possible connect the life change event to the generosity (time, talent, treasure) of the people of the church.  This sounds difficult and tricky but it is quite easy with practice.

Implement these three changes before school gets out this year.  Will you do it?  Have questions about to how to implement the changes?  Contact me.  I’ll walk you through it.

If you decide to implement the steps please tell me about it.

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